Pascal Guignard
Photographer: Angibaud Photo

Who are we ?

Pascal Guignard, vice president of an international consulting agency specializing in networks and the payments industry, has built his professional expertise over a career of more than thirty years in the banking sector. His expertise in new international business generation, particularly in Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS region, the Balkans, Africa, and the Middle East, has given him substantial knowledge of the payments industry.

His abilities in the domains of commercial strategy, new product development, and market dynamics mean you can be assured of discretion and a competent approach to all business undertaken on your behalf.

In particular, experience gained over more than twenty years at the American Express group means he knows every aspect of the banking sector and project management, from brand positioning and communication, through to negotiation and dispute resolution with banking regulatory agencies at government level, boards of directors, and management committees. His consultancy is now ready to support you in developing your business, providing professional advice founded on extensive real-world experience. Whether you are seeking new clients, or simply looking to invest in foreign markets, Pascal Guignard is making his best experts available to you to help you achieve all your objectives.